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New Product to Power Smart Stadiums

The problem : dead or dying batteries!
As stadiums meet the demand to offer wireless connectivity during the game, there is one thing that seems to be missing in the process. Using data (and searching for Wi-Fi) kills phone battery. Charging stations or lack thereof will be the next major complaint all fans have while at the game. But most fans won’t stand around to charge their smart device and miss the action. Research shows charging stations are used for emergencies more than any other reason and not the solution to battery life. Loss of Brand impression Assuming that 10% of the fans lose their battery life and miss one social media post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, & Snapchat averaging 200 friends or followers who share with 10 of their friend or followers equals 12,000,000 brand impressions per lost social media post. Bottom line, 10’s of millions of impressions both during the game and after being lost forever. The Better Solution RAMM Power Charging Cell

Consulting to Cities, Sports Venues with SMART Initiatives.

Smart Cities, Sports Venues, Festivals and Conferences

Communication Solution for Smart Initiatives


  • Creates revenue centers
  • Mobile Power Solutions
  • ​Beacon Interaction
  • ​GPS Technology​Provides a safer environment with security
  • Provides real time consumer data
  • Payment center and gateway
  • It engages consumers:
  • Hospitality Connections
  • Rapid TransferJet™
  • Mobile citizens engagement
  • Wi-Fi Internet of Things (IoT)